My Sculptures at the Regional Arts Competition 2013

Seshimori ishi

Seshimori ishi

This is an industrial version of a traditional Japanese sekimori ishi, which is a rock tied with garden twine. It is placed on a path as a polite request to avoid using that path. In tea gardens, this may be a metaphorical reminder to “stay on the right path”, but it is intentionally ambiguous, and it might mean “this is the path to the manure pile”. As a warning, it is easy to ignore, but perhaps you should follow it. That is a somewhat different metaphor. This sculpture is my maquette for a large sculpture to be made for the 7 th International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art.



Package began as a chainsaw carved wood (honey locust) boulder, done as a tribute to the work of David Nash. Grooves were cut and filled with molten aluminum as an experiment in makimg a larger sekimore ishi. This has been sold.



This was done to commemorate the recent Russian meteor strike, as well as the famous Tunguska event. The base of this sculpture is a granite cobble. The craters were made with a technique similar to batik. The molten aluminum was kept out of the craters by paper maché cookies. These were bridged with a cardboard covering, buried in sand, and the spaces filled with molten aluminum.

These sculptures were part of the juried art show of the Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts 2013. They were on display at the UICA from May 31 to August 18, 2013. 

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