Mathematical Sculptures


Divided sphere was the first sculpture I had accepted for a juried show. This is a “Coupe du roi”, an unusual way of dividing a sphere in two. It represents that thing you may feel in the pit of your stomach. maple and pigment.


Double Bubble is in the shape that 2 equal soap bubbles form when they join. The ratios for its construction are all based on 3, or the square root of 3. Ash and walnut.


Extinction. This was based on an article in Nature about multi-rimmed impact craters. Each ring encloses twice the area of the ring internal to it. This means that the ratios of the radii increase by a factor of the square root of 2. The same shape is formed by a stone dropped in deep water. This can be laid out graphically, with no calculation. The steel ball in the center represents a meteor. The whole sculpture represents a large meteor impact and extinction event. wood and steel


Event Horizon This is an impressionistic representation of a black hole. The hole was inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. It is carved deep into the wood, and painted with matte black paint. Light goes in, but it does not come out. elm

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