Plaster Creek Sculpture Trail

This is a proposal for a new site for public sculpture in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The proposed sculpture trail will be entirely on land owned by the city of Grand Rapids, bounded on the east by Kalamazoo Avenue, the north by Plaster Creek, the west by Ken-O-Sha Park, and the south by 32nd Street SE.   Map

The proposed trail will be primarily for the viewing of public sculpture, but will also serve as protection for the floodplain of Plaster Creek. Kenosha Drive itself could also be used as an extension of the Plaster Creek Trail. This will re-purpose unused city-owned land, and add to the value of the surrounding community.

Similar sculpture parks or trails in other communities include Sculpture Trails in Solsberry, Indiana, Josephine Sculpture Park in Shafer, Minnesota, Jeske Sculpture Park in Ferguson, Missouri, and Sculpture Fields at Montague Park in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The first sculpture pad could be sited at the north corner of Kenosha Drive and Kalamazoo.

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