My Guardian Kitty

We used to have a cat. He adopted us one very cold morning, when Mary found him hunkered down in a partly clear space under our kitchen bay window. He came with us to Grand Rapids, and finally got old, with diabetes and kidney problems. One warm day, at the end, he went out in our backyard to die. We thought that we would find him under his favorite tree, but he disappeared. We never found a trace of his body, even with the help of our neighbor’s dog. One friend suggested that he was raptured.
He adapted to being an indoor cat.
This winter, I have been finding cat tracks in the snow. The cat sometimes comes through the backyard, and visits the bird feeder before continuing to the front yard. He usually stops at the corner of the garage door, checking for mice, I presume. He then continues down our front walk, stops at the Iron Will sculpture, then jumps down between the house and the front bushes.
I have never actually seen this cat, but the tracks are there almost every morning. If he is a Guardian Kitty, or GK, my wife suggests that we call him Chesterson, or Cheshire for short.
Guy Cat
What do you think? Is this the ghost of our late cat, or did he tell one of his friends to keep an eye on us, after he was gone?

Maybe it is this cat, but I haven't caught him at it.

I suppose he could be this dude, but I have not seen this cat making tracks.

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