Daniel Postellon – at the confluence of human and nature

I am reviewed in the Rusyn Art blog.


In June 2014 The Pedvale Open-Air Art Museumin Latvia hosted the 7th International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art. It is a globally important academic event that, among other things, enables contemporary artists in the field to work together and to contribute their ideas to the discussion about the influence of the sculptural iron casting on contemporary art and landscape transformation. One of the permanent exhibits will be constructed on-site, drawing an inspiration from a Japanese land art movement Mono-Ha, by a sculptor born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Daniel Postellon.

For Postellon, the sources of creativity are innumerable: cosmic events, art movements, science, history, geography, religion, works of other artists. His work is thoroughly premeditated, it is informed, and in its attempt at representation it becomes metaphorical, layered. The very act of combining natural and artificial materials enables him to draw from the position of humans as part of the nature, but also…

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One thought on “Daniel Postellon – at the confluence of human and nature

  1. Thanks for forwarding this most interesting article, Dan! I didn’t realize it was coming so soon! Nor did I realize your grandmother was from within 15 miles of the area. How long are you planning to be there? I’m so glad I was able to attend your show so I’m more familiar with your work, and hope you keep us posted while you’re there, perhaps. In the meantime, I hope to make it to song circle (although probably not this time)! Be well!

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